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Stress and Anxiety

Do you find it difficult to really switch off and relax? Are you always jumping up and finding things to do, rushing round all day, then find you are too exhausted to sleep? Or is sleep the only time you do relax? Does your work or home life cause you so much stress that you feel physically unwell? Has your doctor told you that you need to change your lifestyle so that you reduce your Stress levels?

Learning how to really relax is important for body and mind, but it's more than just sleeping; relaxation reduces the levels of toxins and chemicals that are created in the body by stress and tension.

Imagine how you would feel if you could wake up tomorrow, feeling in control of your life. Imagine having relief on tap - something you could experience whenever you need it that would remove all the stress from your body and mind.

Your mind and body are forever linked, how you feel mentally, affects how you feel and act physically. Well, fortunately, you are blessed with a really powerful tool that can remove stress quickly - your body's relaxation response. Using hypnotherapy to trigger this response, most people feel better immediately, stop their self-defeating thought processes, reject negative emotions and get results with little or no effort!

Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating stress related conditions. It teaches your subconscious mind to remain calm and in control when encountering stressful conditions.

After hypnosis you will find

  • your perception of stress-inducing situations has changed, leaving you feeling calm and focused
  • feel confident and happy to deal with challenging and difficult situations
  • feel an ability to see positively and gain strength at times of difficulty

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