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Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy was proven to be the best method of Stopping Smoking as reported in the New Scientist magazine (volume 136, issue 1845, 31 Oct 92). Their findings were as a result of an in-depth study of all stop smoking programs.

If you seriously want to give up smoking, or perhaps you have tried to give up before but have returned to the habit for whatever reason, hypnotherapy can help you become a non-smoker without the need for aids and substitutes.

Clients come with a wide range of reasons for wanting to give up smoking including:

  • Fear of serious illness such as cancer and heart disease
  • General health and fitness
  • More energy
  • Being in control
  • More money
  • Freedom from stale tobacco smells
  • Pregnancy
  • Example to the kids

So if you feel ready to become a non-smoker, we will work together to change the way you think about smoking at the unconscious level where the change needs to take place, leaving you to enjoy life as a healthier (and wealthier) non smoker.

No matter how many times you've tried to stop -even if you think you are a "hopeless case" -we can do it for you too, the Inner Key programme is a tried and tested, step by step process that simply and painlessly turns you into a non- smoker - here's how it works:

There's nothing spooky or unsafe about hypnotherapy. It's actually a very pleasant, relaxing experience, like having a good night's sleep. Much more importantly, it dissolves those strong, subconscious chains that have tied you to the habit for so long. By the end of the session, you will be a non-smoker. These are there for you to develop a real belief in your on-going success to maintain your new non-smoking habit, and enjoy freedom from smoking! At any time you feel you may need extra help or support feel free to pick up the phone for the additional support.

Our therapy works because we use the power of your subconscious mind to change your thinking processes, making it very easy to stop smoking with no side effects, and the success rate is 95% with one session.

Normally people will use their will power to try and stop smoking; this creates irritability, mood swings, bad temper, cravings and possible weight gain.

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