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Phobias and Fears

Phobias are produced by internal anxieties that become associated with particular situations. Below is a very brief example of phobias experienced by people - however bizarre some may appear, rest assured many people suffer from them.

  • Spiders
  • Flying
  • Crowds
  • Social Situations
  • Public Speaking
  • Needles
  • Blood
  • Leaving the house
  • Bellybuttons
  • Oranges
  • Fear of Heights

The list is endless and runs into literally hundreds.

Attempting to deal with a phobia at a conscious level is often totally ineffective. This is because phobias happen automatically below the level of conscious awareness. In fact most people are already aware of the cause, or trigger of their phobia, and no matter how much they attempt to consciously control and rationalise it, they still experience them.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be extremely effective at treating phobias, because they deal directly with the unconscious mind. Most phobias can be treated in just a few sessions, and in some cases a single session may be all that is required.

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