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There are so many products on the market today to help people with weight problems - books, pills, creams, special foods and so on. Unfortunately most diets and associated products do not work in the long term and just result in people finding themselves on a yo-yo cycle of weight loss and gain.

Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques concentrate on changing eating habits and the way we think about food for good. Sessions are geared around the specific issues that people bring with them - habit, boredom, comfort, low self esteem, lack of confidence - but the overall goal is the same for everyone and that is lasting, positive change. Whatever your particular issues are regarding your weight, we will work together to give you the motivation, attitude and increased willpower to achieve your particular goals.

To lose weight permanently, one needs permanent changes in habits, behaviours and beliefs, all domain of the subconscious. As an evolved species, we have managed to automate our routine and repetitive tasks so our active or conscious mind can be free to focus on making decisions and learning new things. Therefore, habits like walking, language skills or driving do not require conscious actions once mastered. You do not know how to walk; you just get up and go, although as a child you learned that. You may not be aware which side of your body or face you start shaving everyday, but you did at one time. These tasks and behaviours, and thousand more like them, are managed by your subconscious, which controls all your learned behaviours. Some of these learned behaviours might deal with food, like your mother telling you to finish all the food on your plate because of the starving children of the world. Although as smart adults, most people wishing to lose weight know that their eating or not eating does not affect the starving people elsewhere, they often are unable to stop until all the food is gone. This is a learned behaviour which is now managed by the subconscious, and the active or conscious mind has very little influence on the subconscious. That is why some old habits are hard to change. But it not impossible to change or eliminate old unhealthy or unproductive habits; and that is where hypnosis comes in.

During hypnosis, you can examine your belief system and see why you eat the way you do. Do you eat when you are bored, stressed, angry, worried, or unhappy? Has food become an old friend into which you drown your unhappiness with life into or that you associate with celebrations? Do you have food addictions? With hypnosis, you begin to let go of old beliefs and create new healthy ones. You can become motivated to eat less, feel satisfied with smaller portions, select healthy foods, and enjoy exercising regularly. Hypnosis is a very effective tool for weight loss. Your subconscious contains your body image and habit centre, and it also controls your appetite and metabolism. If you repeatedly tell yourself "I'm fat" when you look in the mirror, then no matter how many fast weight loss tips you try your subconscious will still incorporate that belief and act on it. You will easily give in to that dessert or that extra serving if you already subconsciously see yourself as fat. Hypnosis is the key to learning how to silence your inner critic, and fill yourself with positive self-regard instead of junk food.

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